AD insite
A mi lado
Insite contigo hasta la muerte
Words feat mc insite original mix
No safety
Till dawn
Just trust
Henny nights
Take a pic
Insite a mi lado
Never lonely
Clock is ticking
You already know
Freedom of speech
Insite siempre me dejas
Speak with music (intro)
Last wordz ft. born erah
Hunger games (bonus track)
Dreams money can buy (insite)
Raven sorvino - playa del rey
Last breath ( produced by play
B.m.w. [prod. by rai l beatz]
17 siento que (bonus dvd) - insite
Nothing is forever (official & insite)
Alex justice - the beginning ft. insite
Stunt flow (produced by playfulfingers)
Speak for the public (prod. by insitefulproduction)