AD jd era cover girl ft bobby v
Jd era cover girl ft bobby v
#baegod x #yungbrehh - cornballs (prod by sbvce)
Jd era ft. bobby valentino - cover girl (instrumental)
Cover girl - jd era ft. bobby v
These fresh beats - jan 2012
C9 r&b, hiphop &trap mix
Kizzle - say something (prod by sbvce)
Dj nalyd - holla @ me mixtape (2011)
Maryann - slow ridin' (prod by sbvce)
Baegod - get it (prod by sbvce) #baegod
Maryann - fuccboi (prod by sbvce) #baegod
Maryann - soulm8s (prod by sbvce) #baegod
Takticz - no chill (prod by sbvce) #nochill
Pim pam poum / takin' it to the streets vol.6
Kizzle - get geeked up feat. gucci mane (prod by sbvce)
Ty dolla $ign - work (trap house change) *click dl link!
Yungbrehh - slide in your dms like (i aint no fuccboi) (prod by sbvce)
Migos - shmoney never stop ft. bobby shmurda & rowdy rebel (migo lingo)
Candler road - childish gambino (bedroomtrap cover) prod by sbvce #baegod
Podcast: dj - canadian club reserve 1858 (clean) - whisky series (rnb)
Jhene aiko - the pressure (sad girl sbvce remix) :( inst. *click dl link for vocals!
Mila j - my main ft. ty dolla $ign (sbvce 90's r&b east/west remix) inst. *click dl link for vocals!